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The value of insuring your belongings

kadoc property management

strongly recommends contents and/or liability insurance.


This peace of mind is invaluable, yet can be had for an economical sum. In fact, many policies begin at $18 per month.


Contents insurance helps to protect your personal and valuable belongings from fire, theft, and vandalism. Personal liability insurance helps to protect you from accidental damage to other tenants' and neighbour's belongings.


Contents and liability insurance policies can be obtained through most insurance companies and brokers.


Be sure to enquire about:

- coverage

- deductibles

- replacement cost

- discounts


Click here for a listing of insurance companies and brokers in Winnipeg, MB.


Be sure to compare prices and coverage of at least three different insurance companies of your choosing.


Or email us via the 'CONTACT' page for specific names of insurance companies with whom we have experience.

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